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Hi and Welcome to Life's Little Recipes!

Life can be tough and we can get caught up in the drudgery of every day routines and sometimes feel lost and unseen! BUT ... when someone recognises what we've done, who we are, gets excited about an event that's coming up ... we can feel worthwhile and alive!!

Our little Recipe Bags can be a reminder that we're all important! A little love, fun and caring lets us know we're valued, celebrated and not on our own ...it can make all the difference!

We are a family run business based in rural North Devon. We design and manufacture a range of unique gift bags and favours for every occasion, from Birthdays to Weddings, Friendship to Divorce, Valentine's to Christmas ... and more are being created! Every Recipe bag has been ‘mixed together’ with love, thought and care and we now want to share these with you… we hope you enjoy them! 

Please browse our shop and get in contact if you need any help at info@lifeslittlerecipes.co.uk! We welcome wholesale and corporate customers too! 

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We were shortlisted for the Amazon Small Business Awards 2019!
You can read about us on The Retail Gazette.

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