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The Little Good Luck Recipe - Life's Little Recipes

The Little Good Luck Recipe


The Little Good Luck Recipe is the perfect, thoughtful and hopeful, unique gift or token, to recognise someone in life undertaking a big life event and wish them along with a little, or a lot of luck .... whether it's for a new job, exams, driving test, going into hospital for a procedure or treatment, retiring, sky dive, starting out on a new journey ... even having a baby....! 


1 Candle ~ Your bright future.
1 Compass ~ Guiding you on your way.
1 Seed ~ The start of something new.
1 Star ~ Stars are shining on you.
1 Sheep ~ Thinking of ewe!
1 Spoon ~ Mix it all together.


The bags measure approximately 12cm x 13cm x 4cm.


Please Note: Exact colours of contents may vary.


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