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The Little Unique Recipe - Life's Little Recipes

The Little Unique Recipe


The Little Unique Recipe is a lovely and thoughtful gift, so you can recognise and value someone special. It could be a present for any occasion or perhaps just to let them know that you believe they're beautifully unique or simply a reminder that they're priceless perhaps when they're feeling low - we all deserve a little love and Unimole will always be there for them x

A little message from Unimole …

"Hi! I am a little shy and quiet but I love that I've been chosen to be a Guardian and Comforter to whomever you choose, to remind them that they are beautifully unique. I promise you that I will always love, value and celebrate their true self xx" 



1 Star ~ You're one in a trillion.
1 Little Pig ~ I love your STYle.
1 Diamond ~ Your value is priceless.
1 Compass ~ You follow your own path.
1 Unimole ~ You're beautifully unique.
1 Spoon ~ Mix it all together.


The bags measure approximately 12cm x 13cm x 4cm.


Please Note: Exact colours of contents may vary.


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