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The Little Wedding Recipe - Life's Little Recipes

The Little Wedding Recipe


The Little Wedding Recipe is perfect if you are looking for unique wedding favours for your friends, or for your new husband or wife!  If you are planning a large wedding with over 150 guests, we can even personalise the bags for you, click to see details of our Bespoke products.
The Little Wedding Recipe is also a thoughtful and fun gift or token, to give to the happy and loving couple for their big day! Celebrate and have fun!


1 Heart ~ Love, the essense of the day.
1 Highlighter ~ Marking the next chapter.
1 Knot ~ Tying the knot.
1 Brick ~ Building a new life together.
1 Toy ~ It's all about the fun!
1 Spoon ~ Mix it all together.


The bags measure approximately 12cm x 13cm x 4cm.


Please Note: Exact colours of contents may vary.


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